Tired of those long lines to get in to Fort Hood. Here's option "B".

KWTX is reporting that too help celebrate III Corp's 100th year anniversary, the U.S. Army's parachute team, known as the Golden Knights, jumped in with both feet.

The team is based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. If you're jumping out of planes odds are you're at Fort Bragg, Members of the Golden Knights are from all backgrounds in the Army, but all have a love of jumping out of a perfectly fine airplane.

SSG Marcus Dennistion said about the job..."It's a great job. I managed to melt my passion for the sport of skydiving with my Army job. All of us on the Golden Knights hold our original military occupation specialities. It's great to be traveling the United States and the world 250 days a year."

The team trains for nearly two months to perfect their routines, according to SFC Jesse Robbins..."We take off and land with the doors open. So, once you take off, you already feel the wind coming into the fuselage and it is awesome. You automatically get that thrill and excitement."

After I finished basic, a couple of kids in my Platoon were going to Bragg for jump school. It was fun catching back up with then afterward. The things they had do to earn those jump boots. I felt that many people worked really hard to make that plane fly, and land, so why should I insult them by jumping out of it.


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