So what does it take to get asked to leave a Walmart? Leave it to Texas to find out.


We've all seen the "People of Walmart" pictures. Mainly hoping we don't see ourselves in the photos.

So, even if you show up to Walmart in skidmarked sweats and t-shirt with pigeon dropping all over it, you can still shop for your cookie dough and Pepsi, But if you want to be asked to leave Wally World, you don't have to punch the moose, you just have to get the riding cart and drive drunk.

Times Record News is reporting that a woman in Wichita Falls, Texas was banned from Walmart after she came in drinking wine from a pringles can while driving around in one of their automatic carts.

Here's the funny part. The police were called because she was driving around in the parking lot with automatic cart.

When the police arrived, they found her in of the standard restaurants you find in the Walmart parking lot. It was there that she was informed she was banned from Walmart.

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