News 10 is reporting that both parents of the two missing Temple residents still have not found any evidence in connection with the Michael Swearingin and Jenna Scott who have been missing since January.

KWTX said, "Sunday, Deborah Harrison, Michael’s mother, and Jonathan Scott, Jenna’s father, spoke with local media about their children's disappearance, and the massive search that took place. Unfortunately, both parents stated that no evidence was uncovered in the search. Even with this news, the parents are trying to keep up hope and are asking for continued prayers from the community."

Both parents said their kids were good people and have no idea who would want to hurt them.

"We have been given a very little amount of hope,” said Harrison. “We have talked with the police and they are working really hard. They can't share a lot with us, but we do know that there is very little hope that the two will be found alive. We are needing a miracle, and we need anybody and everybody that prays to please keep praying for a miracle."

Harrison said there are no future searches planned. If you or anyone else has any information please contact Temple authorities.

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