A Texas woman previously charged with aggravated assault is now charged with murder after an argument turned deadly for her boyfriend in Arlington, Texas.

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KSAT is reporting that 24-year-old Breana Johnson was charged with aggravated assault after setting her boyfriend on fire at a gas station last month, according to the Arlington Police Department. 25-year-old Ricky Doyle later died of his injuries.

Deadly Argument Ends With Fire

Police said Johnson and Doyle were seen arguing in a Jeep at an Arlington gas station. At some point during the fight, Johnson went inside the store to purchase 50 cents worth of gasoline, according to nypost.com.

She came back, pumped the gas into the backseat of the Jeep where Doyle was sitting, and intentionally started a fire according to investigators. Doyle, who was covered in flames, got out of the vehicle. While witnesses were trying to help him inside the gas station, Johnson told bystanders that she was smoking while pumping gas and that’s why the fire started.

However, witnesses didn’t believe that, telling her they saw her set the fire on purpose. One witness even tried to stop her before police arrived, but Johnson pushed the person to the ground and drove away, according to the police report.

Doyle was critically injured and suffered burns over most of his body.

Breana Johnson's Assault Becomes Murder Charge

Johnson was initially charged with aggravated assault-bodily injury with a deadly weapon after the incident. This week, Doyle died from his injuries, and Johnson’s charge was upgraded to murder.

She is in custody at Tarrant County Corrections Center and is being held on $50,000 bond.

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