What you spend at McDonald's? One company spent its entire company it seems.

Cedric Joseph Marks - Bell County Jail Photo
Cedric Joseph Marks - Bell County Jail Photo

Fox News is reporting that the transport company that lost Cedric Marks while the drivers went to McDonald's is closing its doors.

It seems that Texas Prisoner Transportation Services let Bell County officials, in an email last week, that it would "begin to wrap up its business affairs and cease operations".

CEO Ryan Whitten wrote in the email...

"Unfortunately, new insurance rates have forced us to evaluate our business and conclude that we simply can't continue to operate".

The email was provided to The Associated Press by Ammy James, an assistant auditor for the Bell County Auditor Office, makes no mention of Marks getting loose from a van that had stopped at a McDonald's near Houston Feb. 3.

The company is based in Thrall, Texas and has not answered questions about the escape, including how Marks got loose while wearing leg, hand, and belly restraints.

I guess you'd call that the basic questions, or the WTF! questions.

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