How many times have you seen a Bob Ross flash mob? Probably not many. How many people remember Bob Ross? Chances are you may be a happier person if you have spent any time watching Bob paint his happy little trees on PBS over the years.

The great Bob Ross passed away in 1995 but his love of painting live on today, even right here in Texas. Art students at Madison Middle School in Abilene got all dressed up as the famous painter complete with curly wigs and paint brushes to pay tribute to the famous artist.

Their teacher Brandy Sloane told the Abilene Reporter-News she got the idea to reward advanced placement students who have been stressing out over projects and grades. Overall, almost 50 students wore wigs, blue button-down shirts and held palettes of paint all while the real Ross was projected onto the big screen for an archived episode of "The Joy of Painting".

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