We know. You can’t fit anything else into that huge, camo, hunting equipment bag which is why Texas Parks and Wildlife created handy apps for all your hunting, fishing, and boating questions.

The Texas Outdoor Annual mobile app is an offshoot of the Outdoor Annual booklet many hunters and fishermen used for years. With the app, you can find the answers to all your questions without lugging around a booklet or searching through a website every time you need a question answered.

The app comes with some pretty cool features. Once it is downloaded, you can view info offline, you can view your license, see the regulations for wherever you are hunting or fishing and many other things.  The free app is available in app stores, at OutdoorAnnual.com or by texting TPWD OA to 468-311 to receive a download link.

With the My Texas Hunt Harvest app, you can satisfy reporting requirements for eastern turkey, white-tailed deer and alligator gar harvest, and complete electronic on-site registration for most public hunting sites accessed when using the Annual Public Hunt (APH) Permit. Mandatory harvest reporting can also be completed online. Get the My Texas Hunt Harvest app at tpwd.texas.gov/myhunt. The app works without a data signal as long as it has already been downloaded to the device.


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