A couple of days ago,  I read a story about Blockbuster Video hanging on by a thread in the Internet outpost of Alaska. It seems that Alaskans are still charged by the gigabyte for their Internet access, which makes Netflix streaming a bit impractical and costly.

What I didn't know was that there are a handful of Blockbuster video stores still open and hanging on in various places in this country. Apparently this includes Texas, where Blockbuster was founded. How the mighty have fallen.

A confession: as a young man I used to work there and I consider the experience one of the main reasons I got back into radio as quickly as humanly possible. I honestly thought I was stuck in a portal leading towards a black hole of pure oblivion.

Still, to some people, the video store is a beloved place.

Hector Zuniga was a frequent visitor to the remaining Blockbuster in Mission Hills, Tx. The autistic twenty-year-old took it hard when he found out the store was closing. A change in life patterns could traumatize someone who depends on the familiar and the orderly as much as possible.

I think I have something in my eye. What are you looking at?!

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