If driver-less Uber cars weren't scary enough, now they want flying cars.

You might have heard about this a few months ago, but now Dallas & Dubi have been named as test markets.

KCEN TV is reporting that Uber is developing the Uber Elevate Network. The goal is to cut down an hour and 40 minute commute to 15 minutes at an affordable price.

Of course that price will seem more affordable when your drunk, which most people will have to be to get in a flying machine that has no pilot.

Now this is not a helicopter. Those have already been proven to work, so Uber don't want 'em. They've hired Bell Helicopter to design a new vehicle for this "plan". The goal is to debut it at the world expo in Dubai in 2020. So if we're all lucky, we'll get killed by falling cars in Dallas by 2021.

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