Texas is always growing. Opportunities in the state are never in short supply, which brings new people to the area. But living areas for new Texans are in short supply more than ever, which means more must be built to house these new neighbors. And there is nowhere more true for this rapid growth than in Temple, Texas.

More and more people are moving to area, which means more people to work with. But this also leads to a potential increase of traffic in the area, which could cause more jammed road during morning and evening commutes.

On West Adams Avenue, Temple residents have voiced concerns about a new planned apartment complex that could substantially affect everyone's commute in the area.

Initial Plans For The Area

KCEN reported that originally in Temple, the area that the proposed apartment complex was to be built was supposed to instead be a new senior living complex. At some point, unknown to many in the area, the building instead became a possible new apartment complex.

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Many opposed the idea, stating that Tanglehead Drive, which will be allegedly used as a connecting road, would not be able to handle the traffic stress. Many instead wanted it to become a green space for the public to enjoy at their leisure. Following concerns, the city released a statement on August 10th, 2022:

"This is not a City of Temple-funded project. A private developer is proposing to build market-rate apartments with no income restrictions. This proposal will be presented to the Temple City Council on Aug. 18 and Sept. 1, 2022. It is important to note that the City of Temple does not own this land and therefore does not have the jurisdiction to make it a public green space."

More Concerns About The Area

KCEN also provided a recent update, will more information from concerned citizens regarding the potential complex. Residents of the area have stated that traffic is already bad in the area, and more people on the roads will only exacerbate the issue. Some residents also allege they weren't notified properly about the zoning as well.

One resident KCEN talked to, Caroline Wagner, even said that "I think that the city has not been transparent at all. And I don't think they're taking our concerns seriously."

What Do You Think?

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Tips for Moving to Temple

While this new apartment complex is proving controversial, Temple is generally a welcoming place. That said, there are some annoying things about the process of moving here. Trust me - I know. Read more about that here.

We'll Only Keep Growing

As of the last census in 2020, Temple's population was around 82,073. Keeping in mind that many people weren't counted in the census because they didn't want to open their door during a pandemic or were paranoid about providing any information, it might be safe to say the population is even higher than that.

As more opportunities for jobs and starting a better life open up across Bell County, you can bet the population will keep going up.

We'll definitely need more apartments.

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