Temple trying to make the School Lunch a good thing.

I'm sure I'm like many of you and have some horrific school lunch stories. To this day, I won't eat fish because of the fish sticks that were served at Perkett Elementary. Also, it turns out that pizza is not supposed to look like 70's shag carpet. I can't recall seeing fruit on the counter, unless it was in jello.

According to KWTX, Temple School District is making freshness and variety the key ingredients. They're also trying to do the impossible, in my opinion, making healthy food pleasing to the eye.

This change started going into effect last year, and the change has been done gradually, because no one likes change, unless they don't see it coming. The price for healthy is only going cost 10 cents extra and the students will be able to enjoy made-from-scratch food, which is always a treat.



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