One of Texas' favorite dashcam cowboys took to Facebook and YouTube yesterday and sent a hilarious, yet serious warning to all the 'clowns' setting their sights on the state of Texas.

It's honestly something I thought when we reported the first instance of a clown sighting in the lone star state. IF... if this is real, do clowns really think an open carry state is the best place to scare people?

Chad Prather doesn't think so and the 6.5 million viewers since yesterday tend to agree with him too. It's only about a minute long, but what he says is to the point and hilarious.

Unless your hear to guess my weight, you should know I have a great taxidermist and a trophy room. Now crawl back in your circus tent and find some water for the elephants.

Her makes a point to say no clowns were harmed during this Public Service Announcement. Or should I say, Clown Service Announcement?

In no way, does anyone condone active violence towards clowns. This is simply a video letting any 'creepy clowns' know that Texas is not a state you want to mess around in.

In my opinion, these recent clown sighting videos in Texas seem like they're staged. But man, is it still incredibly creepy to watch!

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