Grab the chalk and set 'em up: Minnesota Fats may not be coming but someone will be The Texas Pool Table Champ.

The Billiards Congress of America Pool League (BCAPL) Texas State Billiards Championship has come to the Mayborn Convention Center. This weekend, more than 1,200 Texas pool sharks....err, billiards players will shoot their best at 80 pool tables.

“This is our fourth year to host this great event, and is incredible to watch,” said Nancy Glover, Temple Convention & Visitors Bureau Manager in a release. “We look forward to it every year – and hope to continue to be the host city for years to come. We encourage all of the citizens of Temple to give these talented folks a warm welcome!”

Indeed. But don't go up in there like Fast Eddie Felson trying to show your stuff. Don't be a "shortstop." Play it cool!


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