Thankfully, no one was hurt after an ambulance caught fire near the Scott & White emergency room in Temple Tuesday morning.

Temple Fire and Rescue spokesman Thomas Pechal said fire crews were dispatched to 2401 South 31st Street at 11:13 AM. When they arrived, they found the ambulance parked near the emergency department's ambulance entryway. Flames were visible in the engine compartment, but crews were able to quickly extinguish them.

The ambulance crew had just transported a patient to an area inside the hospital, so no patients, emergency responders, medical staff, or bystanders were injured. The scene of the fire had been cleared by 12:11 PM.

Pechal said the engine of the vehicle received extensive damage as a result of the fire. We're just glad it didn't spread to the building or any nearby vehicles.

Thanks to Temple Fire and Rescue and all the emergency responders who are sure to be busy this week. Many of them are working on July 4th, so do your best to stay safe and make their jobs just a little easier.

Temple Fire and Rescue
Temple Fire and Rescue

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