The worst 4th of July was spent in traffic in Temple Texas.

No, of course Temple isn't that big, but on the 4th of July the area around Miller Park becomes a true nightmare.

I enjoy fireworks as much as the next person, but on the 4th, I was caught and punished.

I had started the day playing cards with friends, who live next to Miller Park. They told me that a lot of people come over to enjoy the fireworks show, so if I didn't want to watch the fireworks I should leave early. Advice I wished I'd heeded.

I left about 30 minutes before the show started. Or, I should say, I tried to leave. The streets around Miller Park become a parking lot. Seriously! You can barely fit one car on the roads. And I was the dumb-ass for going the wrong way. Everyone was coming into the area, while I was trying to leave. It took me close to an hour to get out. Horrific. So now, I stay the hell away from Miller Park on the 4th, and simply watch the fireworks on YouTube.


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