It's Monday. Do you need a good laugh? Try this on for size.

Leave it to the Irish to make you forget the Monday blues.

The TRY Channel posted a new "drinking" video this afternoon, and I just can't stop watching it. In case you need a good laugh, then the Irish will deliver.

They thought it might be bleach. Not disgusting, until you throat falls out.

First shot is Baileys and lime juice. Biggest complaint, besides lime juice, was that it leave a messy glass, so you can imagine what it's doing to their stomachs.

Second shot. This is where we go next level. Red Hot Cheetos soaked in Vodka. The look on their faces when they see the cheetos soaking is priceless. Then one guy goes off on the fact that he has to drink Vodka!? Fine with the Red Hot Cheetos, but F.U. on the Vodka? Hilarious. The puke bucket makes an appearance on this one. But my favorite quote is..."I hope the other 4 people in this video are people I hate."

Third shot they drop the mic. Absolut Vodka, Tabasco, Pepper, and a sliver of Mayo. It's called the "Tapeworm" (Insert Barf sound here)

The 4th shot takes over the top as they bring back the Mayonnaise. Jager and Mayo = "Smoker's Cough". This is too much for The Irish Jesus!

I'm going to laughing all night on this one.






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