A new store will open soon in Temple. If you've got $5, you've got the store.

The store is called Five Below, and it claims to cater to teens, pre-teens, and their parents. Which, lets be honest, is just a very wordy way to say that they cater to everyone. Everyone that is that has $5.

You see, they sell electronic accessories, clothing, sporting goods, and toys for $5 or less.

It's a Pennsylvania based chain that was founded way back in 2002. It has 630 stores in 32 states but plans to up the total by 125 more in 2018.

Lucky for us, the store will be open right before Halloween. We'll be able to take advantage of all the great candy and decor specials.
If you've got a bunch of brat kids on your lawn, send them into the next realm with the Thor Hammer. Only going to cost you $5.

Back when I was 13 years-old, I had $5. It might have been the last time I had $5 to burn. Well, I wished there was a store like this back then. I had to give my $5 to a bum standing outside the 7-11 so I could get a Playboy, you know, for the pictures, and he could get a beer.

It sure would've been a better deal if I could've bought a new case for my I-Phone, but alas, they didn't have a Five Below at that time. There might be something else wrong with that statement, but I can't figure out what that might be.

Check it out starting October 19th at 2112 SW H K Dodgen Loop in Temple.

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