The 101st Belton 4th of July Rodeo may be virtual this year, but the PRCA Rodeo at the Bell County Expo Center is real and we have your tickets.

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As is tradition, the Belton 4th of July PRCA Rodeo will once again feature the legendary announcing skills of Charlie Throckmorton.

Brian Patton the Misfit Cowboy will put on a show for all ages centered around trick trained, saddle broken Texas Longhorn and a fire jumping American Brahman bull.

Barrel Man Rocket Ryan Litwin will keep you laughing and cheering as you take in the bull riding, roping, and pulse-pounding action of the PRCA Rodeo.

For more information about the rodeo, check out For a list of all the events happening in Belton this 4th of July, check out

Tickets are on sale now when you call the Bell County Expo Center Box Office at (512) 474-5664. (Seats are reversed due to COVID-19, and social distancing is strongly encouraged to help slow the spread of the virus.)

For a chance to win free tickets for you and your family, just download our app and fill out the form below. We'll holler if you win!

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