As logical as it may sound, not everyone thinks we should be forced to wear a mask in public.

The Killeen Daily Herald ran a poll on their Facebook page asking if people were in favor of the mayor making masks mandatory, and as of 6pm on Tuesday evening and after 390 votes, the poll was split 50/50. 195 votes for yes and 195 votes for no.

Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra is in favor of mandate saying, “Whatever preventative measures we can take to help prevent the spread (of the coronavirus) I think is a good thing.”

But not everybody agrees that wearing a mask should be mandated. It doesn't mean that those people disagree that a mask can't keep you safe, it's just that wearing a mask should be by choice and forced upon us.

The State of Texas has seen COVID-19 cases rise sharply since Gov. Abbott opened up the state from lockdown and it seems to be getting worse. I support the wearing of masks in public places. We need to do everything possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus and if wearing a mask can help do that, I'm all for it!

Update: Bell County Judge David Blackburn issued Directive #7 today, which will require businesses to mandate face coverings on their premises. It also strongly encourages members of the public to mask up. Read the details of the directive here.

What do you think about the new directive? Sound off in the comments.

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