The Harris Poll has surveyed American's asking what their favorite Mexican Restaurant is in 2018. Survey says...Taco Bell! 

This kinda blows my mind, but then again we don't know much about who Harris Poll surveyed. The findings say they asked people age 15 and older a bunch of questions about their favorite brands, and restaurants. Each person questioned was asked to rank 40 random brands covering a wide range of products.

If Taco Bell is your favorite Mexican Restaurant you have a lot of research left to do! Living in Texas, it definitely should not be your final answer. Let's take a look at some other surprises published as a result of the Harris Poll.


  • 1

    Favorite Burger - 5 Guys Burgers & Frys

  • 2

    Favorite Chicken Restaurant - Chick Fil A

  • 3

    Favorite Pizza - Blaze Pizza

  • 4

    Favorite Wireless Carrier - Verizon

  • 5

    Favorite Value Airline - Southwest

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