New Hampshire-based singer-songwriter Ray Lamontagne has decided to cancel a Thursday night show at the University of Texas in Austin because of the campus carry law, which allows students to be armed.

So much for that live free or die attitude New Hampshirites are known for.

As you might expect, the majority of Facebook users from Texas, both fans and non fans, let Lamontagne have it. Some accused him of doing it for publicity since he knew the law was in effect and chose to cancel with a scant two days notice.  Certainly, if you want to take a public stand on an issue, publicity is precisely why you do things like canceling on short notice.  It was also pointed out by a few posting that his last show was canceled for slow ticket sales. I don't know if that's true or not but it sounds funny.

Of course if I were a musician and I knew the audience was armed I'd make sure I didn't play any bum notes or sing off key!

All kidding aside, the presence of guns at a concert or event where there are thousands of people must give police a little bit of concern.  Not that Ray Lamontagne is the kind of artist who would inadvertently prompt someone to get all hopped up and start shooting. Napping during the performance, absolutely.

If you have tickets, go back to where you bought them and get your money back

For those not familiar with Ray's work,  here's a track that won't put you to sleep.

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