Three professors at the University of Texas in Austin were dealt a bit of a blow after they were told in a judge's ruling that they cannot ban students from carrying guns into their classrooms.

U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel ruled  this week that the Texas legislature and other state regulatory bodies are fully within their purview to decide whether certain guns could or could not be allowed in the classroom. The professors cannot restrict those firearms and their carriers any further.

When I was in college, an unbalanced student with a temper who didn't like the way I was running the radio station on campus came into the hallway where my office was and began to yell at me. The confrontation was escalating until he noticed the tall muscular gymnast music director standing behind his scrawny bald head ready to pounce at a moment's notice.  I cannot imagine what would've happened if multiple parties had been armed. From what I was later told, he had blown up at a professor in class the same way and was very swiftly asked to leave the university.  It could be speculation but I never had any trouble from the guy ever again.

The issue I personally have with guns on campus is the large number of post adolescents being armed and also under the influence of every sort of drug from antidepressants to marijuana to any kind of alcohol you can imagine.  These people's adult brains are not completely bug free. What we really want to talk about is greater police presence and a larger budget for law-enforcement on our campuses before we start talking about  any unbalanced individual having a constitutional right to scare the hell out of people because that's what you're giving them.  The legislature has spoken already on this matter, however so I guess we've got to look at increasing the number of those officers on campus.

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