Well, the new names have been picked. Is your name set up to be a killer this season?

Until 1953, hurricanes didn't have names. They were tracked by year and order in which they occurred during the year. Since that could get a bit confusing, they decided to use short, easily remembered names. And, since it was the 1950's, they chose to use the names of women for these massive destructive storms. (I'm sure someone in power was going through a bad divorce. I mean it wouldn't because of a book and Walt Disney.)

In 1978, both male and female names were being used to identify Northern Pacific storms, and in 1979 they chose to use both male and female names as well for storms in the Atlantic.

That being said, each year they list the names they'll use starting with the letter "A" and going down the alphabet. The names are on a 6 year rotation, and the only way to get a name off the list is if the name was already used for deadly storm. Some of the names that have been retired include Roxanne (1995), Beulah (the gym coach from Porky's 1967), Hugo (1989), and let us not forget Andrew from 1992.

Here is the list of names for this year beginning with Arlene...

Now if it's a busy storm season and we go through all 26 letters, the National Weather Service will then start taking names form the Greek Alphabet. So, I guess after 26 storms it becomes a frat party?

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