If you need something for the home or office, you might want to bypass the big box store and head to the Texas State Surplus Storefront in Austin.

Whether it's confiscated items or items the State of Texas no longer needs, there're two ways you can save on some cool items.

It comes down to the Texas Facilities Commission. They're the ones who dispose of salvage and surplus personal property from all of Texas' state agencies such as DPS, TxDOT, TCEQ, and Texas Parks & Wildlife. Also, all things confiscated.

So when the new quarter comes around and state budgets release money for new furniture, vehicles, small electronics, and other items, all the old items get sent either to the storefront, or an online auction.

The next time someone around the office says something about needing a new office chair, I'm just going to tell them to head to Austin and bring one back for everyone.

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