Maybe people are upset that Texas is going to miss out on the nationwide eclipse in August, but that's no reason to start throwing fists. After all, we'll get our eclipse in 2024.

Yeah, there were bad decisions made this past Saturday night in Temple at Bill's Grill. Danny Martinez of Temple uploaded the sad event to Facebook for all of us to share in these people's shame. Thanks Danny. Please turn your phone sideways next time if you could. I know, beggars of video of shameful acts can't be choosers, but still.


Our own Aaron Savage contacted Danny for some backstory on the fight. Danny said, "Honestly, I don't know 100% what started everything, but someone sitting closer to them said one of the women called another's husband an a**hole and it escalated from that. It happened Saturday night after the bars closed up, basically."

Bill's Grill is a great place to eat. Please don't ruin it with foolishness like this. Take it outside.

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