I saw a total eclipse in 1979. I then had to get glasses. Luckily America's next total eclipse doesn't hit Texas.

In 1979, my class built little view finders out of shoe boxes. We poked a hole in one end so the sunlight would shine on the back of the shoe box. Then, when the moon passed between the Earth and the Sun, the light on the back of the box would begin to go dark. I'm not that gifted with "making" things. I ended up looking at it. Oops. It was pretty cool, so I guess a lifetime of bad vision was worth it.

Texas isn't in line for a full eclipse this August 21st., but it will be on my birthday in April 2024. If I'm not dead by then, I might just go completely blind at 57. But, odds are, I'll just stay inside the "home" and watch it on the TV. Pretty sure that's how I'll watch this one as well.

Of course, with religion being such a big influence in this country, you can't have two full solar eclipses within 7 years of each other without some type of world ending rumuour floating out there. Especially since the two paths will cross each other making an "X"

Since this was announce awhile back, people have been planning trips to places inside the path. Including Nashville, Tennessee. Salem, Oregon, Casper, Wyoming. (Really?) Plus Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina.

Time to let the lunatic in the yard...Now!


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