You might want to read the comments, you know, if you want to laugh today.

It was just your typical search warrant operation in San Angelo, but the police Facebook page is getting some traffic.

They served a warrant last week on a 21-year-old named Michael Orozco at his home.

They found a lot, including Cocaine, suspected psilocybin mushrooms, suspected MDMA, marijuana, a large quantity of THC wax and liquid, two (2) firearms, narcotic distribution paraphernalia, and approximately $6,000.00 in U.S. currency.

It was enough to charge Michael with Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 2, Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1, and Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 2.

Then it came time for his mug shot, and that's when the internet got primed for a virus.

The comments are quite entertaining, since I guess no one has a job to work. But the reference are about being "pretty". Being Jesus. And being "One Point" with his conditioner. Whatever the hell that means.


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