Got a great gift this holiday season. As Seen on T.V. Microwave Brownies. Brilliant.

I'm guessing the secret is the pan.

The gift came with a package of brownie mix. I put together the incredients in the morning, then took them to work.

I mixed the oil, water, and egg with the brownie powder in the special pan. It's the same way I would've done it if I would've baked them in the oven. The only difference is I didn't have to lube up the pan with Crisco first, oh, and then it only took 3:30 seconds instead of the usual 15-20 in the oven.

Our microwave at work is 1000 watts. The time of 3:30 is based on 1200 watt microwave, so adjust your time by about 15 seconds every 200 watts. I only got 3 people to try the brownies. It seems that if you fail to insert the weed, nobody like brownies anymore.

My God Harriet! If there was ever a reason not to legalize marijuana, this is it.

They tasted great as usual, and it only took a few minutes to cook. Best invention ever.


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