So, I had to do a little driving in the morning the last few days, I was shocked at how many people don't bother even turning on their lights in the fog.


Remember Mood Rings? A nice ring you put on your hand that supposedly showed a passer by what mood you were in, and if it was safe to ask you for sex. (Loved the Swinging 70s)

We need something like the mood ring for vehicles. Lord knows there are plenty of emotional idiots out there these days, and I think it's only fair that other drivers know if the pressure of "life" is getting to you. If you're suicidal you should not be in control of a couple ton vehicle.

KWTX is reporting that there was a 30 to 40 car pile up in the fog near San Antonio. I counted 6 morons that didn't have their lights on while driving around Temple on Monday, so imagine doing 75 without lights. Idiots. Do the world a favor and play some Norwegian Roulette in your own home if you hate life so much. (Norwegian Roulette is played with a clip.)

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