This summer is a perfect time to lose some of that "baby" fat off of your teenager.

Summer of my junior year I signed up for weight lifting classes at the high school I was going to attend. I started going and was seeing some results. Then it happened. My family bought a pizza joint in a different town. I went from trying to get into some type of shape to eating my way into a rounded shape.

I used to dwell on that quite a bit. Maybe I'd have better eating habits and be less likely to drop of massive heart attack. But then, I also think that if I stayed in town and got in shape, my horrible personality and low self esteem would've succumbed to drink and drugs and I'd be dead in ditch or a pine box. Just one summer of change was all I needed. Maybe.

So, Planet Fitness is offering a great opportunity for teens this summer. Kids between 15 and 18 years of age are being offered free passes for the summer.

All you have to do is sign up at a location near you, and you can work out for free from May 15th to September 1st. Only catch is that you can only work out at the store you sign up at. Really, not that big of catch.

Plus all teens who sign up are entered into a contest where they could win a $5000 dollar scholarship or other PF gear.

Just remember, kids: no showing off, or you'll get the lunk alarm.

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