If it makes you feel better, that column holding up part of the building at CVS...yeah, it's hollow.

Welcome to Wharton, Texas. Enjoy the Colorado River in all it's pot glory. O.K. probably no pot. So don't come for the pot, but stay for the The Wharton County Historical Museum. It features exhibits on Dan Rather and Medal of Honor recipient Roy Benavidez as well as a wildlife collection.

Also, little known fact, it's home to a police department that knows that the columns that hold up the awning at the CVS Pharmacy's are hollow. How the hell did that happen?

They responded to a call at a CVS just recently and the suspects scrambled like mice into the rafters. Well, one suspect found his way into one of the hollowed out columns, as you can tell by the pictures. (Stickman)

It seems that they were after cash and pills. Really, at CVS store? I'd go for the chocolate stash, but then I'm fat and wouldn't fit in the column.

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