A candy store chain in Ohio and Pennsylvania has cornered the market for pregnant women.

Chain store Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop out of Ohio and Pennsylvania have bottled the nasty and now have it for sale.

I'm not a fan of pickles. I once kicked someone out of my car for eating one. Nasty. But then, what else could be said about a fermented cucumber?

Now what you can say is, "I'll take a bottle."

Other items that generate bile at the back of one's throat include pickle-favored gum and pickle-flavored mints.

People have been testing carbonated pickle juice for years now on the internet, but Grandpa Joe's took it a step further. Their soda contains carbonated spring water, cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavor, gum acacia, and turmeric for color. And, as a bonus, it's flash pasteurized for safety.

What does it cost, you ask? Why, I'll tell you. It'll cost a little piece of your soul, of course. Or, $2.50 a bottle in a store that sells it. If you want to have some shipped to Texas, it'll cost ya $9.99 a bottle.


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