It was posted on their snazzy new digital sign over the weekend, and as such it was a bit short notice for most Temple diners. As I get up rather early in the morning, I had an unfair advantage but I took it: I was there when the new McDonald's on W. Adams Ave. opened their doors to the public for the first time. The first hundred customers received a card giving them a free Big Mac each month for year.


There's nothing more impressive than a brand-new fast food restaurant shined it to perfection.  McDonald's continues to build state of the art restaurants, complete with digital wizardry all over the place. When they're brand-new, these places are a thing of beauty.

When I made my order, I made it a point to order a large Hi-C orange drink with my breakfast. After a momentary pause, the young lady taking my order came back on the drive-through speaker and said "I'm sorry sir, we don't serve HighC orange at this location."

Ah, this process of separation has begun. The new stores don't have the orangey goodness.

When I drove past this evening at 6 PM, a line of cars draped around the McDonald's out into the Walmart parking lot. Whataburger had a line of its own. The burger battle has begun.

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