Horrible accident killed a person in Copperas Cove Thursday morning.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media


KWTX is reporting that the police in Cove are investigating an incident that killed a man walking on the tracks in the 1200 block of West Ave. B.

They have yet release any information on the deceased, but they did die at the scene.

A press release reads, "The train operator noticed the pedestrian and immediately activated the emergency stopping system for the train while signaling with the horn. The pedestrian did not take evasive action to get away from the train before being struck."

I think we can deduce on our own what that might mean.

It's been a long time since I walked on the railroad tracks. I have a tough time walking on the sidewalk of late, but back in 70's I damn near lived on the tracks. Bonus of living in a railroad town.

The one thing I remember was that the trains were loud as hell. You could hear them coming from miles away. You could even feel them coming if you were on the rail. When I was in Europe, that was not the case. Those things would sneak up on you like cougar in the wild. After reading this story I have to wonder if the trains have gotten quieter.

It's been almost two years since a train killed 16-year-old Alexander Stout in the same area.

There were two BNSF employees on the train, but they were not hurt.

The train was en route from Sweetwater to Temple at the time of the accident.

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