So we just got our first dose of Winter. Nobody liked it, but it did kill the bugs of for a few days. Now here's a fine choice on how to keep warm when it comes again.

Combine ice, white rum, and chocolate liqueur. Then mix in some milk and peanut butter. Great! Now do the bartender shake shake shake and get everything mix all nice.

You might be asking how will this drink keep you warm when there's ice in it. Don't forget there's also RUM!

Now for some of us, who has that gluttony gene, you could just drink it all right away.

"Hi, my name is Q."

(group) "Hello Q"

For those of you with the "control" gene. Feel free to prepare the serving glasses.

Get a bowl of milk chocolate, and a bowl of chopped peanuts.

Dip the rim of the glass in the chocolate, then into the bowl of peanuts.

For you pansy asses, feel free to water it down with more ice, then pour in the rum mix.

Serve with a Reese's candy bar and enjoy.

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