I'm going to travel across the country for the holidays. Could be fun.

The Farmers Almanac suggested that it might be a colder then normal winter for Texas, and so far, they're right. Busted a record low temp Wednesday morning.

They also said that it was going to be a warmer than normal Winter in North Dakota. Since that is where I need to get to this holiday season, I thought that was a good thing.

I have been living in Texas for over 15 years now, and to be honest, I've yet to put on a jacket since I've been down here. So, I've might have acclimated myself to the lovely winter weathers to the point where I kind of forgot about North Dakota winters.

When the booze wore off and common sense returned, I remembered that a "warmer" North Dakota winter is still damn cold.

I'm just happy I'm not having to travel to California whose expected to burn all winter long. I'm looking at you El Nino.

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