New Yorker didn't enjoy being the main dish at bed bug buffet. 

ABC 13 is reporting that a New Yorker, who's too afraid to leave his name, said he was attacked by bed bugs in a San Antonio Courtyard by Marriott.

He claimed that he checked for bed bugs before he got in the bed. He didn't see any, but then was awaken in the middle of the night when he felt things crawling all over him.

He took videos showing bugs all over the sheets, and he claims he had bites on several areas of his body.

Sometimes it's nice to be woken by someone nibbling on you, but not if you're supposed to be alone.

He wants the hotel to pay for out of pocket expenses. He chucked his luggage and clothes because he didn't want to bring the bugs back to New York. Really? Like a few more would tip the scales? If he just popped on the internet to see how to kill bed bugs, it could've saved him some coin.

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