KXAN is reporting that a 3-month-old orca has passed away at SeaWorld's San Antonio location. 

Kyara was the last orca born under SeaWorld's former breeding program.

SeaWorld says the calf was being treated for an infection over the past week, and its health continued to go downhill. Veterinary teams plan on doing a postmortem exam to confirm the cause of death. The results could take a couple of weeks before they are released.

SeaWorld ended it's breeding program in March of 2016 due to pressure from the public and activist groups, which increased following the release of a documentary titled 'Blackfish'. The program ended before Kyara's birth, but orcas take an average of 18 months to gestate.

SeaWorld still has 22 orcas under their care. The youngest one is named Amaya. The calf was born last December.


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