The sun will be captured in Central Texas. 


KWTX is reporting that a $13,000,000 solar farm will be built near Bruceville-Eddy.

McLennan County and the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce have teamed up with Cypress Creek Renewables to build an 88-acre, 13 megawatt solar farm. It's expected to support the energy needs of 1,000 homes annually.

They expect to start the build some time after October of this year. Once they start, they expect the "field to be planted" within 6 months. That construction is expected to support 100 related jobs. The typical life span of a solar farm is 30 years.

I guess this is good, but I'm from a generation that was raised thinking solar is a joke. To this day, I still find it more strange to take up 88 acres for a thousand homes than to destroy the land below us for oil. #oldschool.

In case you're wondering, yes: I still watch "All in the Family".

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