Yes, that's right. Less drugs. And that's not because you used a lot of them already.

Via Temple Police Department
Via Temple Police Department

The Temple Police released a statement today telling us about a narcotics search warrant that was served Wednesday.

It was done by the Temple Police Department's Special Investigations Unit, along with the Killeen Police Department, and the Bell County Task Force. The end result was the seizure of illegal narcotics.

The warrant was served in the 500 block of West Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killeen, and officers seized around 37 grams of cocaine,(get the mirror), 20 grams of Methamphetamine, 23 grams of marijuana, 123 prescription pills, and a bottle of prescription cough syrup.

One arrest was also made. And the winner is...

Killeen resident Jazmyne Vicks, 23. Big round of applause as she was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance.

Wow! Who would've saw that coming? Put your hand down Colonel Common Sense. It's obvious you weren't around before hand so you can't claim to be around after.

For those of you who know Ms. Vicks, you might be in for a long night.

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