It was a rare rain-free weekend in April, and Bloomin' Temple took full advantage.

If you missed out on the celebration that is Bloomin' Temple, you missed out on a good weekend. I realize some of you work for a living. Others have a Honey Doo list to complete. And some of you must avoid all human contact, which is fine, and really, understandable.

But from Dysfunkshun Junkshun to Tameka Jones to Def Leggend to Maddie & Tae, it really was a great weekend for live music in Downtown Temple over the weekend.

To show their thanks, the fine folks at Bloomin' Temple Festival have posted a video of some of the fun. So if you did miss out, you can live it vicariously through the kids and drunk adults, or, if you were there, you can see if you made the video, and it just might help with some of the memory loss you might be suffering.

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