The Mavericks came out as the winners of last night's NBA draft with their surprise trade up for the third pick with the Hawks.

Sources had the Mavs slated to take Texas' Mo Bamba with their #5 overall pick. While Bamba is a great player, he was only slated as their pick due to the low chances of their real most coveted candidate,Real Madrid's Luka Doncic, falling that low.

Fortunately for the Mavs, Atlanta was head-over-heels in love with Oklahoma's Trae Young (projected to be taken around the 7th or 8th pick). While the Hawks would have a hard time justifying taken Young at #3, they would have an easier time defending a trade down to take him at #5.

Credit to Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson for recognizing an opportunity and taking advantage of the situation. They managed to swap picks with Atlanta for only the price of a single first-round pick.

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The traded pick is top-5 protected, otherwise, it will convey sometime in the next five years. It seems almost too good to be true for a player as good as Doncic, who is only 19 years old and has already won a EuroLeague Championship and League MVP.

I would guess that other teams may have been willing to give up a lot more, but Dallas was right in the sweet spot of guaranteeing they could snag Young. Again, major props to Cuban and team.

Free agency is looming for a team who has historically struggled in that department. A new, exciting roster makes them a lot more appealing to solid vets.

Just please stay away from Clint Capela.


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