Missing sports?

Normally at this point, we'd be in both the NBA and NHL playoffs and baseball would be in full swing. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has put everything on hold, but there could be some good news for those hoping for some sports action.

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski says on his Twitter feed that the NBA is giving the go-ahead for teams to open their practice facilities to players on Friday, May 1. This only applies to teams in cities that’ve “relaxed say-at-home orders.”


He’s also careful to point out that this move in no way implies an “imminent” resumption of the 2019-20 season. The NBA is nowhere near ready to make that call but getting players “safely into gyms was a priority.”

There are also rumors of the NHL looking to get players back on the ice and Major League Baseball hoping to get on track July 1st.

Patience is the key here, so time will tell if and when it'll be "Game On!"

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