The city of Houston has a new millionaire.

Via Texas Lottery
Via Texas Lottery

Texas Lotto strikes again.

On the drawing that was held on January 12th, a resident of the Houston area got a winning ticket.

It hit with a jackpot of $12.5 million.

If you buy your tickets at Everyday, found at 3301 Pinemont Drive in Houston, then you most definitely need to check your numbers. You need to be looking for 8-11-22-24-30-49. If you have those your cash option winnings will be around $8,550,384.24. You have a 180 days to make your claim so that gives you time to find a lawyer and an accountant.

If you find that you have the winning ticket, for the love of God don't tell your family. Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery says..."If you have the winning ticket, we encourage you to sign the ticket, put it in a safe place, seek financial and legal advice, and call the Texas Lottery before coming to Austin to claim the prize. We look forward to meeting you."



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