Gibbs Memorial Library is closed after fire occurred and damaged the interior of the local Mexia library.

Our partners at News 10 report that firefighters were called to the library at 4:15 am from Mexia and local cities Wortham and Teague.

The eastern half of the library was destroyed for the most part, while the western half remained mostly safe, only being affected by smoke and soot.

Luckily, most of the historical records in the library were safe and have been secured. However, a full inventory of the documents will still take place. "Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our firefighters, from multiple communities, some of these documents were saved and have been secured. A full inventory of these items will take several weeks," the City of Mexia said.

The city has yet to reveal what exactly caused the fire.

You may be questioning why exactly it's a big deal for a library to burn down, with the internet making them obsolete, but libraries are a link to the past as they hold knowledge passed down from generations. Also to the bookworms out there, libraries hold endless hours of entertainment, so take the time to appreciate your local library.

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