I wasn't sure so I had to ask, "Is there a Krispy Kreme in Temple or Killeen?"

I was told that no, we have Shipley's Do-nuts here, which I am completely satisfied with. Believe me.

But if you love you some Krispy Kreme, then there is some good news coming your way. The donut chain is launching a nationwide delivery service in the cities that actually have a Krispy Kreme.

So I thought, "Why doesn't Shipley's deliver?"

Well, turns out they do through Door Dash and GrubHub. Yep, you can have a Central Texas favorite delivered to you through a couple of different delivery services.

I have never used either service, but I have heard that they are a cool way to get food delivered to you at minimal effort. So although I thought Krispy Kreme was doing something unique, turns out that just about all fast food and restaurant places can hook you up with delivery.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to order some Shipley's Do-Nuts from the comfort of my office. Take that, Krispey Kreme!

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