Today I bought a giant donut. 🍩 😁 💪#iifym #gainz #roundrockdonuts

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It's a donut big enough for even Homer Simpson to be proud of! Check out the king size donuts available at Round Rock Donut Shop! 

BuzzFeed recently put together a list of the best doughnut shops in each state of the country. The spotlight in Texas is definitely shining on Round Rock Donuts. Seattle-based Voodoo Donuts made the list, so did the Donuts Taco Palace, but according to yelp reviews it's Round Rock Donuts that is clearly the place to go!

According to Yelp, they used a formula that compares the number of reviews for each shop along with the rankings submitted by users.

Do you think you know of a better doughnut shop in Central Texas? Let us know who else is doing donuts right! Because I'm sure we're all OK with taste testing.

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