The city of Killeen has many great opportunities for summer jobs.

KCEN-TV is reporting that there's plenty of work available in Killeen for your kids. According to the City of Killeen's website, available positions include:

  • Aircraft Fuel Handler
  • Seasonal Lifeguard or Cashier
  • Golf Cart Attendant
  • Mowing Service Worker

And that's just scratching the surface. There are over 100 jobs to apply for.

I remember going out looking for work for the summer. Of course, I did it the wrong way: going with a friend.

Fat people are not welcomed at restaurants

That's the last thing you want to do. Never go in with a friend. The odds of both of you getting hired are slim to none. So if you fill out the application, get the interview, and your friend gets hired over you, then you feel even worse, because you know you're much better at work than your friend.

I went with a friend who had never worked before, while I had two summers worth of experience. So, of course I was overconfident that I would get a gig before he would. I learned a valuable lesson that summer. Fat people are not welcomed at restaurants.

Maybe I should rephrase that. When two people walk in to ask for work, on skinny, one fat, they're going to hire the thin one, because a fat person won't look as good behind the counter. That's what happened. Or so I thought.

My friend got a job at a chicken shop, while I didn't even get an interview. He told me years later that it wasn't because I was fat that I didn't get an interview, it was because I looked like a narc. Yea. Turns out the manager liked to smoke the weed, and would only hire people he thought were "cool with it". He was right of course. I would've ratted his butt out. I mean come on. You shouldn't be intoxicated near hot oil. Common sense, people.

Well, whether you smoke the wacky weed or not, the City of Killeen has plenty of jobs available. But really, you shouldn't smoke the ganja while you're looking for work. They smell your pee these days.

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