The Killeen, Texas City Council is naming a concourse at the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport, and they're giving citizens of K-Town an opportunity to vote for the new name they like best. You can even recommend a name if you know of someone who deserves the honor.

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Still Boarding

You can choose from the options listed on the survey website, or you can submit your own suggestion with a reasoning here. Sunday, November 13 is the submission deadline. Only one option so far is on the survey as of my writing this article, so there is plenty of time to submit your suggestion or to cast your vote.

The One And Only

The only submission so far has been General Robert M Shoemaker. The reason that comes along with the submission, in part, states that during his time serving as a Bell County Commissioner, he played a role in advocating that the airport be established in Killeen.

In addition, he was inducted into the aviation Hall of Fame in 1983. That seems pretty connected right? Now, some are saying that he has several things around town named after him already, for example Robert M. Shoemaker High School.

Its Voting Season

If you look on their Facebook page, there have been many comments with ideas and suggestions made, however it doesn't look like anyone is submitting any of them. If you fly out of Killeen - Fort Hood Regional Airport and have an idea or some thoughts on what you think would be a good name for this concourse, go ahead and submit it by the Nov. 13 deadline. The city of Killeen thanks you for your input. K-Lew out!

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