Individuals in Temple who were pulled over now face charges after a search of the vehicle revealed items that placed other members in the car in danger.

Traffic Stop In Question

KWKT reports that 2 individuals, Michael Leigh Titus, Jr. and Suzette Louise Bilbrey were pulled over on Saturday. Law enforcement pulled their vehicle over when they had reportedly failed to stop at a designated point located at an intersection of South 19th Street and West Avenue R.

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The officers had a K-9 Unit with them, which then alerted officers to something in the vehicle. Officers then proceeded to search the vehicle.

Following Vehicle Search

During the search, law enforcement discovered illegal drugs in the car. Drugs mentioned included mushrooms, cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana. In the backseat of the vehicle sat two children. Child Protective Services was called.

Bilbery And Titus Jr. were arrested and transported to the Bell County Jail. Bilbery faces possession of a controlled substance charge, a second degree felony. Titus Jr. faces charges of possession of marijuana over four ounces, but under five pounds.

As this is a developing story, more information will be provided as it becomes available.

Other Incidents In Temple

This isn't the only incident involving young children in Central Texas. Recently, two other individuals were arrested for endangering young children in the their home, following further investigation after a domestic dispute. For more information regarding that incident, click here.

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